Why Swim with Australian Swim School?

We combine the latest teaching techniques with the Aussie philosophy of squeezing every drop of fun out of every day. Our class routines are designed to keep the swimmers moving in specific patterns that accentuate hand technique and hands-on correction from the instructor. This turns your little tykes into ace swimmers with a love of the water.


Infant Program

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    3 months to 3-year-olds

    Parent and Me is just the cutest class around! You just can't stop smiling as you watch these little diaper dolphins! We are a proud pioneer of Infant Swimming. Each part of our Parent and Me routine is based on child developmental principles for this special age group. Building on children's natural inclination of learning through play, our curriculum interweaves songs and games with swimming skills. We also emphasize the importance of the child-caregiver bond by instructing parents and guardians how to teach and model good swimming skills for their little ones. We applaud caregivers who start their youngsters off early as the benefits of infant and toddler swimming are limitless.

    Goals for the class:
    √ Breath control and underwater comfort
    √ Moving through the water independently
    √ Comfortable starfish float

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    19 months to 3-year-olds

    Congratulations! Your little fish has graduated from the award winning Parent and Me class and is now ready for a little independence as they transition to a small group specifically designed for the Parent and Me graduates. This is a transition class on many levels and learning to swim without Mom or Dad is the first step. As this small group of three learns to take instruction from the teacher, they also learn about taking turns and working in a group.

    Goals for the class:
    √ Independent streamline with kick
    √ Independent back float off wall
    √ Comfortable head down swim
    √ Non-verbal cueing and taking turns
    √ Comfortable starfish float

Junior (age 3-5, 4:1) and Senior Programs (age 6-12, 5:1)

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    GUPPY (3-5yrs),
    SEA TURTLE (6-12yrs)

    The Guppies (ages 3-5) and Sea Turtles (ages 6-12) learn the same skill sets but are taught a little differently. Along with building technique, these swimmers learn important foundational skills such as being comfortable in, under, and around the water, breath control, body balance, and confidence. These levels provide the groundwork in which future, more advanced skills are built upon!

    Goals for the class:
    √ Move through the water in the chin down prone position
    √ Breath control and underwater comfort
    √ Starfish float and back glides
    √ Learn to kick independently

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    SUPERFROG (3-5 yrs),
    SEA HORSE (6-12yrs)

    After mastering foundational skills in the Guppy and Sea Turtle levels, students are ready to begin building the strokes in Superfrog (3-5-year-olds) and Sea Horse (6-12-year-olds)! Freestyle arms are introduced along with a more refined and productive freestyle kick in addition to incorporating kicks to their backstroke. Breath management is taught as students learn to exhale as they swim.

    Goals for the class:
    √ Freestyle swim to starfish float
    √ Streamline and streamline with kick
    √ Backstroke with kicks only
    √ Independant starfish float & independant dive for rings

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    PLATYPUS (3-5 yrs),
    SEA OTTER (6-12yrs)

    Welcome to the BREATHING level! In the Platypus and Sea Otter levels, students build upon their previously learned freestyle skills by incorporating a side breath. This can be a tough skill to learn! Not to worry! Learning to execute the perfect side breath takes a little time if we want the outcome to be brilliant! Backstroke progression is continued with the addition of the backstroke pull.

    Goals for the class:
    √ Preferred side freestyle breathing with exhaling
    √ Freestyle swim to starfish float
    √ Backstroke progression
    √ Independant dive for rings

Upper Level Swimmers (Age 4-12yrs, 5:1)

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    In Manatee, students are on their way to becoming proficient swimmers with excellent technique! We bring in the non-preferred side breathing and continue perfecting a strong backstroke technique. This level incorporates the introduction to butterfly and breaststroke and introduces somersaults in preparation for flip turns.

    Goals for the class:
    √ Non-preferred side breathing
    √ Breastroke kick
    √ Somersault
    √ Butterfly kick

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    In Orca, students are perfecting their freestyle with proper bilateral breathing and their backstroke while they learn the finer details of stroke mechanics. They are also adding the arms to both the breaststroke and butterfly strokes as we perfect the timing. This level works more on endurance, stroke efficiency, and developing flip turns.

    Goals for the class:
    √ Maintain freestyle with side-breathing
    √ Breastroke arms and timing
    √ Somersault from swim + sit down dives
    √ Butterfly arms and timing

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    In Barracuda, students complete their journey through our main program! Barracuda's put the finishing touches on everything from fine-tuning freestyle and breathing techniques to implementing the breathing in the butterfly and breaststroke. We continue to work on backstroke skills and round out the technique with full flip turns.

    Goals for the class:
    √ Freestyle with bi-lateral breathing
    √ Breastroke swim with breathing
    √ Flip turns
    √ Butterfly swim with breathing

Swim Squads (age 5-14, 8:1)

Our squads program is one of our favorite levels since we get to teach students that have moved through our entire program! However, this level is not only for students promoted from our Barracuda class, but also for young swimmers from outside swim teams looking to sharpen their technique. This class serves as a swim team prep course that focuses on endurance training, time trials, drills and much more! This program is a great alternative to the other various swim teams that require a commitment of multiple days per week. This program has been developed over 40 years of experience in addition to training from Olympic coaches in Australia! This level is also one hour opposed to our standard thirty minute class. Once the student reaches the age of 14, our skilled instructors can give you referrals to outside swim programs.

Adult Classes (ages 13 and older, 5:1)

Swimming is known as one of the best forms of exercise as it engages the whole body while increasing cardiovascular strength without putting stress on joints. Learning to swim can sometimes be a challenge for the beginning learner. At the Australian Swim School our instructors are trained to work with the novice swimmer as they navigate the basic skills and gain confidence in the learn to swim journey. After the introductory phase where breath control and safety skills are taught we move into the freestyle stroke followed by backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. More experienced swimmers may want to focus on endurance, stroke techniques or prepare for triathlons. No matter what your swim goals are, our instructors can help you achieve them!

Goals for the class
√ Water comfort and the ability to stand from a floating position
√ Back progression
√ Freestyle progression with exhaling
√ Transition skills

Goals for the class
√ Preferred side breathing
√ Butterfly swim with breathing
√ Breaststroke swim with breathing
√ Butterfly swim with breathing

Adaptive Program, 1:1

If your child has special needs, a learning disability, or any condition that hinders them from group classes, discuss adaptive lesson options with one of our supervisors. The goal of private lessons is to mainstream the student into group swim classes. Our lessons are taught in small adult only groups or on a private basis. The availability of this class varies by location, so please call 855-794-6232 for more info today!

Private Classes, 1:1

This option is primarily designed for students struggling on a certain skill. If you are interested in enrolling, please speak with a supervisor to get more information about if Private lessons are right for you and your student.

Benefits of Group Classes

Here at the Australian Swim School, we have a firm philosophy on collective learning. Our affordable group lessons are taught year round to build a solid foundation and keep the skill level refreshed. After 3 decades we have fine tuned the art of teaching in a group format. Our class routines are designed to keep the swimmers moving in specific patterns that accentuate technique, allow for plenty of individual time with the instructor, and maintain student engagement. Not only do children benefit from having at least one other child in the class for social interaction, but children also work harder and are more likely to try new things when surrounded by their peers. In keeping with our philosophy of swimming year round, group classes allow our swimmers to change schedules and times to fit their busy lifestyles.

Remember - the goal is to swim year round and stay connected to the water so skills are not forgotten. By offering reasonably priced, top quality group swim lessons, the Australian Swim School is your partner in reaching the swimming goals for your family. There are no shortcuts in learning to swim well and creating the proper foundation will set skills for a lifetime. We believe in teaching your child in the most beneficial class setting possible and group lessons are the way to go!

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