Benefits of Group Classes

Here at the Australian Swim School, we have a firm philosophy on collective learning. Our affordable group lessons are taught year round to build a solid foundation and keep the skill level refreshed. After 3 decades we have fine tuned the art of teaching in a group format. Our class routines are designed to keep the swimmers moving in specific patterns that accentuate technique, allow for plenty of individual time with the instructor, and maintain student engagement. Not only do children benefit from having at least one other child in the class for social interaction, but children also work harder and are more likely to try new things when surrounded by their peers. In keeping with our philosophy of swimming year round, group classes allow our swimmers to change schedules and times to fit their busy lifestyles.

Remember - the goal is to swim year round and stay connected to the water so skills are not forgotten. By offering reasonably priced, top quality group swim lessons, the Australian Swim School is your partner in reaching the swimming goals for your family. There are no shortcuts in learning to swim well and creating the proper foundation will set skills for a lifetime. We believe in teaching your child in the most beneficial class setting possible and group lessons are the way to go!

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With schools in Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, and Tarzana, parents and guardians benefit from receiving professional swimming instruction close to their home. Teach your kids a valuable skill and register today!