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The Senior Swim Program: Ages 6-12 

The Australian Swim Schools Swimmer Program is designed for children with varied swim skills from the
ages of six to twelve years old. Each class has a maximum of five students. Group movement and dynamics
are used to keep the swimmers engaged throughout the 30-minute lesson. Core swimming fundamentals are taught
atthe start as we build skills to create a solid foundation for all future strokes. A list of the levels in this program are listed below.

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Sea Turtle

The Sea Turtle students are working towards being comfortable in the water, and swimming independently.

Sea Horse

The Sea Horse students are comfortable in the water and can swim a short distance independently. They are still working towards mastering freestyle skills.

Sea Otter

The Sea Otter students have mastered a comfortable and relaxed freestyle, and are familiar with backstroke kick.

Elite Swimmer Program

Our Elite Swimmer Program is geared toward more advanced children that have graduated from our previous levels or who just have a strong past of swimming experience. The three levels in this program are listed below.


The manatee students have mastered freestyle with side breathing to the preferred side as well as the backstroke progression. 


The Orca students have mastered freestyle side breathing to the non-preferred side and breaststroke and butterfly kick.


The Barracuda students have mastered freestyle side breathing to both sides and progressions of the backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Teen & Adult Swimming Classes:
13 & Up

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of five. There are two types of classes that an individual may sign up for depending on their swimming experience. The Adult Beginner class creates a foundation for being comfortable in the water, freestyle progressions while exhaling, the backstroke, and transition skills. 

The Adult Swimmer classes are great for individuals who may be familiar with swimming, but are interested in refining their technique with the goal of improving personal fitness. Students of the Adult Swimmer classes learn the preferred style breathing with chin tucked, backstroke progressions, butterfly with breathing, and the breaststroke with breathing.

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