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Swimming Lesson For Toddlers

Parent and Me & Baby Grad Class

In the Parent and Me class, the parent or guardian and the child learn together to be comfortable in the water as skill attainment is achieved through songs, games, and routines. 

When the swimmer is ready for the Baby Grad class, the parent or guardian no longer needs to be in the water with the child. Children are put into groups of three to learn freestyle swimming skills in a group with the instructor. The Baby Grad level is where creativity soars, as skills are achieved through creative imagery, routine, and group patterns.

Jr. Swim Program: 3 to 5-Year-Olds

Each class has a maximum of four students. Group movement and dynamics are used to keep the swimmers engaged throughout the 30-minute lesson. Core swimming fundamentals are taught at the start as we build skills to create a solid foundation for all future strokes. There are three levels in the Junior Swim Program listed below.


The Guppy students are working towards being comfortable in the wate
and swimming independently.

Super Frog

The Super Frog students are comfortable in the water and can swim a short distance independently.
They are still working towards mastering freestyle skills.


The Platypus students have mastered a comfortable and relaxed freestyle, and are familiar
with backstroke kick.

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Group Class Philosophy

Australian Swim Schools believe in teaching your child how to swim in the most beneficial class setting possible!
Not only do children benefit from having other children to socialize, but children work much harder when surrounded by peers.